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Inspiration is hard to come by. Get your message across hustle-free by leveraging a Generative AI able to generate reliable, ready-to-use visual masterpieces.

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The first application of Generative AI that's actually useful for your business.

Struggling with your site's visuals? Let the AI take care of it.

Powerful visuals, just from an URL

Let the AI extract the ideas, concepts, and intentions behind your site's URL to create useful visual masterpieces.

Choose from a variety of options

The prompts generated based on your input display multiple aspects of your content and diverse styles to ensure professional, good-looking, ready-to-go designs.


Guide the AI by iterating or generating alternatives to the designs created to end up with an image you are proud of.

Coming soon... stay tuned!

Be part of the first AI-powered visual generator for businesses.

Generate graphics with AI from any type of content.